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Inital situation

A housing cooperative is interested in a building site where it has the opportunity to participate in a planned new development. In order for the decision-making body to better assess the opportunities and risks, it needs an independent expert opinion. Essentially, this is a recommendation on the absorption capacity of the planned apartments - especially the small apartments - taking into account further developments in the surrounding area. ImmoCompass submits an offer and is commissioned with the analysis.

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Content of the analysis

The managing director of the housing cooperative provides ImmoCompass with a management summary of the project developer, including usable floor space and number of planned apartments. ImmoCompass studies the project and inspects the site. The focus is on the assessment of the vacancy risks due to the demand at the location, the impact of the new infrastructure planned by the municipality, the competition from approved building applications in the surrounding area and a forecast of the additional demand for living space in the next 5 to 10 years.

Since the housing cooperative is also interested in small apartments, ImmoCompass examines the suitability of the location and the demand for such housing concepts. What are the target groups for a small-scale offer and what are their needs? In addition, requirements regarding size, equipment, outside spaces, ancillary spaces, services, supplementary services and price level must be determined.




ImmoCompass writes a report including interpretation of the individual graphics and maps as well as chapter conclusions. The recommendations include statements on the absorption capacity of the apartments based on growth pressure, on demand in the region, on vacancy rates and loss of income, on building permits and the attractiveness of the location. For the small apartments, a specific apartment mix with living space, price range and supplementary services is recommended.  ImmoCompass discusses the report with the client and presents the findings directly to the decision-making body.



2 to 10 days.