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Initital situation

A real estate service provider was commissioned to develop a plot of land in the residential zone. He is looking for answers regarding the optimal mix of apartments, the target groups suitable for the location and the achievable prices. On the phone he discusses his project with ImmoCompass and decides on a one-day workshop of an interactive market and location analysis.

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Two days later the workshop will take place via Skype. In the meantime, the ImmoCompass analysts have thought about the specific case and location. The workshop starts with a joint location assessment based on ImmoCompass location assessement and location data and the real estate service provider's knowledge of the location. Since the strengths and weaknesses of the location are of varying relevance to the possible target groups, initial findings are already emerging. Together, the essential socio-economic analyses for the catchment area are selected: the current housing structure, population development, age and household structure as well as the calculation of the future additional demand for housing. During the interview the consultant explains how this calculation is to be interpreted. The analysis of the housing market in the catchment area focuses on the living space according to room categories, the achievable square metre prices, the price development and the insertion times of the last years. The real estate service provider determines what interests him. The ImmoCompass shows current living trends matching the project as well as comparison objects and their equipment features from the surrounding area. At the end, a recommendation is worked out together. With the help of a calculation table, variants of the housing mix are determined on the basis of the market structure. This also includes the ratio of rented and owner-occupied apartments, a housing index and the target groups to be addressed.


That same evening, the real estate service provider receives the powerpoint with the charts, maps, explanatory keywords and the spreadsheet. He then formulates a recommendation for the project himself.


1 day workshop plus preliminary discussion and preparation.